Spelling  & Vocabulary Quiz I

Type in your answer, and then click on "Check". If the spelling is correct, you will be told.  If you start out right, then misspell, the wrong letters will be deleted and you can continue from the last correct letter you typed. Try the sample. If you get it right, try spelling the word wrong and see what happens. Good luck!


Sample:  A small primate found in zoos. 

1.  Word that describes the activity of using a camera. 

2.  Insect with one hundred (100) legs. 

3.  Someone who lives next door to you.  

4.  The head of a tribe

5. Write a different word that means "spare".  "in my spare time."  

6.  If you praise someone, you are giving them a ______________. 

7.  An arid land sometimes covered in sand. 

8.  The people (workforce) of a business. 

9.  Letter-writing paper. 

10.  To give someone a suggestion.