Spelling  & Vocabulary Quiz II

Type in your word, then click on "Check"  If the spelling is correct, you will be told.  If you start out right, but then misspell, the wrong letters will be deleted, and you can continue from there.  Try the sample.  If you get it right, try spelling the word wrong and see what happens.  Good luck!


Sample:  An Italian dish made with wide noodles, cheese, and tomato sauce. 

1.  A person who loves money and hoards it.  

2.  A large citrus fruit.   

3.  The mother of your spouse.  

4.  More than one goose. 

5.  A type of animal that is at home in water or on land. 

6.  The place a mad scientist does experiments.  

7.  A heated discussion, is an  _________.   

8.  When something is completely unbelievable, it's __________.  

9.  A six-sided geometric shape.   

10.  A bias, or strong dislike of someone or something.