Using Prepositions

Some of these sentences have the wrong prepositions in them. Some sentences have a preposition that shouldn't be in the sentence at all. Some of them have an infinitive that shouldn't be there, and some are missing an infinitive that you need to put in. Read each sentence slowly to see if it's correct or not. Change or omit a word so that the sentence makes sense.


1. May I get that for you?                               

2. He's leaving for London at Saturday.                                

3. Danielle never likes for to speak. 


4. Damion needs to borrow the car by noon today.             

5. They met from the internet, and fell in love to the party. 


6. Both cats and dogs like to sleep most of the day.


7. Maybe we could reschedule the appointment at next week.


8. Harold likes to watch horror movies late at night.       

9. Henrietta never watches horror movies at the evening.


10. I love getting a lot of presents on my birthday!    


11.  I will give for Mother some flowers.    


12.  Katherine left at the train this morning.    


13.  I went to a swim in Mary's pool last night.             

14.  Father saw Millie at the street near the store.     


15.  There is a good movie at TV tonight.            


16.  Gail fell down from accident.                


17.  We had a picnic in the lake Tuesday.      


18.  The museum was closed from six weeks.

19.  I can always count on you for to be a friend.    


20.  The cat was hiding at the corner of the room.     


21.  Sue lives in a farm.              


22.  London is in the United Kingdom.   


23.  Uncle Fred had to go at the lumberyard.          


24.  Brad lives at Denmark.                 

25. Are you waiting for speak to me?

26.  Have you put the clothes to the closet yet?


27.  Why are you to frowning at me?      


28.  She arrived in work early today.            


29.  What is your excuse of  being late to school?                

30.  Joshua visited his friend who stayed on the hotel.            

31.  He walked onto the room whistling.                    

32.  Would you to bring me at the doctor's office?     


33.  I was looking to a website to learn about whales.            

34.  She was tired and wanted go at bed.            


35.  Kendra always forgets her keys in home.                

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