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Noun Practice  

A.  Are the following nouns countable or uncountable as they are used in these sentences?  If the noun in the sentence is countable, answer “C”. If it's uncountable, answer “U.”  Write your answers on a piece of paper, and then check your answers after you finish.

1.      I will bake you a cake.        

2.      We are having lovely weather today.   

3.     I have sand in my eyes!        

4.      An apple a day keeps the doctor away.        

5.      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.      

6.      A large crowd was at the race.    

7.    Vermont maple syrup is expensive.         

8.      Is there dust under your bed?           

9.    Pam's behavior was shocking.    

10.  Clean air and clean water are necessary for a healthy environment.           

11.  Put more pepper in the soup.      

12.  Smoke gets in my eyes.       

13.  The city had only one skyscraper.   

14.  John loves travel.           


B.  In the following sentences, the nouns are in parentheses. Write the correct form of the noun. Some nouns may already be in the  correct form. Others have to be changed to the possessive form, or  the plural form.

1.   Was that (Bettina) car I just saw?

2.   No, that car is (Jack).

3.   I have four (Mary) in my card club.

4.   He has been married so many times that he now has five former (mother-in-law).

5.   The child care center was full, and all the (baby) crying was making the staff irritable.

6.   The shepherd watched over his flock of 14 (sheep).

7.   "Eek!" screamed Jack.  "I saw a mouse!"  Jock said, "I just saw one too."  "We must have some (mouse) living in the house."

8.   Zoe had to sew some (stitch) in her new jacket to make the button stay in place.

9.   Libby showed all of us (photo) of her trip to California.

10.  Professor Smarty had two (degree), so he had to write two (thesis).


  C.  Some of these word combinations are correct; some are not.  Write down the numbers of the correct combinations.  

1.  an banana

2.  these girl

3.  that table

4.  a orange

5.  them dogs

6.  Terry do

7.  a problem

8.  those furniture

9.  this car

10. those shoes


  D.  Write the missing articles (a, an, the) on a piece of paper. Then, check your answers. 

This excerpt is from_____ exciting story about ____adventure that ___man named Rainsford had on a private island.  If you are able to find ___copy of ___ book, please read ___entire story.

From “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell

Ten minutes of determined effort brought another sound to his ears—____muttering and growling of  ____sea breaking on __ rocky shore.  He was almost on ___rocks before he saw them; on __ night less calm, he would have been shattered against them.  With his remaining strength, he dragged himself from ___swirling waters.  Jagged crags appeared to jut into ___opaqueness; he forced himself upward, hand over hand.  Grasping, his hands raw, he reached __flat place at ___top.  Dense jungle came down to ___very edge of ___cliffs.  What perils that tangle of trees and underbrush might hold for him did not concern Rainsford just then.  All he knew was that he was safe from his enemy, __sea, and that utter weariness was upon him.  He flung himself down at ___jungle edge and tumbled headlong into ___deepest sleep of his life.



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