Order of Adjectives Quiz

Complete the sentences, putting the adjectives that are in parentheses in the correct order to modify the noun that is shown in red.


James just bought a (red /racing / bright /French) bike.

King Kong climbed the building holding a (slender/young /beautiful) girl in his hand.

The king graciously allowed Sir Reginald to keep the (gold / valuable /carved) chest as his reward.

Harvey had a (game /mounted /stuffed) fish hanging on the wall of his office.

Cuddles was a (huge /snarling /mean) dog.

The smell of a (beef /spicy /hot ) burrito makes Sally hungry.

Some people like a (cold /tart /tall ) glass of lemonade when they are hot.

Too many poor people are forced to live in (rat-infested /sub-standard) housing.

The (snow-covered /mountain /high) peaks glistened in the morning sun.

Gertrude collects (dollhouse /authentic /Victorian) furniture.

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