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Welcome to our page. Before you start, let me explain that we are not linguists. We do not present ourselves as experts in English, nor are we authors of grammar books. CC has many years of practical experience teaching people for whom English is a foreign language. Annie has classroom experience, tutoring experience, a Master's degree in Teaching College English, and a Bachelor's degree in English/Journalism. We haven't devoted our lives to the study of grammar. You may find mistakes in these lessons. We tried not to make any, but if we did, please let us know.

We do the web page partly for fun, and partly to help with those areas which cannot be easily addressed in a chat room. To be sure that these lessons are as accurate as possible, we didn't depend on only our own brains! The lessons were written, and then cross-checked against several other references. We are pleased to say we know more than we thought we did!

Click on a lesson or a test. If you have any questions at all about anything you see on our site, write to us at either of the e-mail addresses below. We will write back to you.




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Clichés, Euphemisms, Jargon



Conjunction Practice


Double Negatives Quiz

How to Identify Nouns, Verbs, & Adjectives

More about Words Nouns


Nouns: Countable and Uncountable


Noun Practice


Noun Quiz Phrasal Verbs  A-J Phrasal Verbs  K-Z Prepositions

(Partial List)


Preposition Practice Preposition Quiz


Prepositions of Movement Prepositions of Time

Run-On Sentences 


Run-on Quiz



Spelling & Vocabulary

Quiz I

Quiz II

Subjects and Verbs Always Agree!


Writing and Saying Numbers


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