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There are many things I want to say to you about our room, and this is the perfect place to say them. In the hustle and bustle of the English Mistakes Welcome room, many things go unsaid that I think are important for you to hear.

A little bit about our skills: I am American, and so the Paltalk room is for learning American English. My specialty is helping people with pronunciation, vocabulary, and sentence construction.

Take advantage of the room. Use it! Enjoy it! You will grow and grow and grow in your ability to speak in English. Our room is a very safe place to make your mistakes. Out in the real world, many times people may be critical of your way of speaking English. They may criticize your accent, or your way of putting your words together. When you are in our room, it is very much in your best interest to speak out loud, and write on the screen. NO ONE will ever hurt your feelings by insulting your efforts.

When you speak, I close my eyes and I listen to you very carefully while you speak. If you say something that I cannot understand, I will help you correct the pronunciation so that it is perfectly understandable. When you write on the screen, I am watching very carefully so that I can correct your sentence construction, the order of your words in the sentence, the spelling of the words, the punctuation, tense agreement (for example, not using past and present tense in the same sentence). What's most important is that your sentence truly means what you want it to mean.

Don't just sit there watching other people learning. Yes, listening skills are certainly important, as are writing and speaking skills; but to stay with us, you must write, or speak. We understand your fear of speaking aloud. This is an international fear. It doesn't seem to matter in which country you were born. Being afraid to appear foolish is part of the human condition---it's simply a part of being a human being. We are here to help you conquer that fear, because the fear of speaking will keep you from learning. There have been hundreds of people who have written to us on the screen----saying that they don't speak well yet, and they're waiting until their spoken English improves before they speak !!! Imagine that!!! How will it improve unless you allow us to help you improve it??? That horrible nervousness you feel when you speak out loud will absolutely disappear; I promise.

I have met many people who can read and write and understand spoken English---but they can't open their mouths to say anything!!! Isn't that sad... Be brave, my friend. Don't be just an observer in the room. Be a shaker/mover (someone who really makes wonderful things happen) !!! Take advantage of this marvelous program---Paltalk---that makes all of this international communication possible.

Some final thoughts: Many people have asked us why we are donating our time and knowledge to you. The honest answer is that it makes us feel good!! It is not a way to fight boredom, nor is it a hobby. To teach you and watch you grow is a passion. As we listen to you and read what you write on the text screen, we're waiting for that thrill of seeing those magic words: I GOT IT! Ohhh my goodness, my friend----when you write or say I GOT IT, that's our reward. What does "I got it!" mean? It means "I understand!"

So; Paltalk is free, and our class is free. What do you owe? I feel very very strongly that you do owe something. What you owe is your unique contribution to our room. By speaking and writing, you are investing in your own English learning, and you are also contributing to the growth of the other guests in the room. That is the reason that you cannot come to our class to just sit and observe, and only take; you need to give by participating. In our guest book, Bewitched spoke of our room as a community; that it surely is.









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