Run-on Sentences

Choose the best option to fix the run-on sentence.  If you don't understand why the correct option is correct, read the explanation. The correct answer given may not be the only possible way to fix the sentence, but it is the only correct solution among the choices given.   Remember: When joining two independent clauses, use a comma followed by a *FANBOYS conjunction , or use a semicolon, or make two separate sentences. 


1.   I called the Post Office they will hold your mail during your vacation.
Looks okay to me
Office, they
Office; they

2.   My daughter leaves for Spain tomorrow and she is very excited. 
Looks okay to me
tomorrow, and
tomorrow. And

3.   Cherry blossom time starts soon in Japan everyone loves that time of year.
Looks okay to me
Japan, everyone
Japan. Everyone

4. Ethel has a great talent for creating tasty dishes this is something she has always been able to do.
This sentence is correct
dishes; this
dishes, this

5.   Packing for the trip to Mexico and trying to get all of his business affairs in order, Helmut knew he would be exhausted when he finally arrived at his destination.

This sentence is correct

order; Helmut

order. Helmut


6.   To simplify the billing process, we bill on the first of each month and bills will be overdue on the fifteenth of each month. 
This sentence is correct
month, and
month; and

7.   An actor has to pretend to be many different people it is a hard job calling for a lot of training.
This sentence is correct
people, it
people; it

8.   Dennis composes music many people enjoy his melodies.
This sentence is correct
music. Many
music, many

9.  Women's fashions change radically the role of women in society often is reflected by the change. 
This sentence is correct
radically, the
radically, and the role . . .

10.  People often believe everything they read so the media has a responsibility to be honest and unbiased.
This sentence is correct
read, so
read; so

Remember the word *FANBOYS for these conjunctions: For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So

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