Double Negatives Test


Correct each sentence omitting or changing one of the negatives.  There should be at least two correct ways to express each sentence.  Click on "Answer" to see ours.

Correct:  Angela has done no homework. 

Correct:  Angela has not done any homework.

Incorrect:  Angela has not done no homework.


1. Douglas never gets no credit for his jokes.

2. My family doesn't do nothing fun.


3. Sally did not go nowhere for her vacation.


4. Marcus can't have no dessert until he eats his vegetables.


5. Aunt Tilly had not seen none of them before today.


6. A small piece of pie won't do no harm to your diet.


7. Bonna never yells at nobody.


8. I don't know nothing about mechanics.


9. Janna wouldn't give nothing to someone she didn't trust.


10. Albert hasn't  no patience with nothing.



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