Participles as Adjectives Practice

  Select the correct past or present participle used as an adjective for each blank.

             1.  Babette thinks jogging is____________.

A. tired

B. tiring


2.  Every time she jogged, her knees _______.

A. ached

B. aching


3.  Science-fiction movies can be very ______________.

A. excited

B. exciting


4.  We all wonder if meeting aliens would be as ___________ as the movies show.

A. frightened

B. frightening


5.  Joe Jones has an_____________ hobby.

A. interested

B. interesting


6.  He collects old __________ pans.

A. cooked

B. cooking


7.  The sun was so hot, that Martha was almost ________ after playing tennis.

            A. fainting

            B. fainted


8.  Gerry was __________ to get his new car.

            A. pleasing

            B. pleased


9.  Aunt Tilly received a lovely _________ vase for her birthday.

A. painted

B. painting


10. Grandmother is __________ by kickboxing.

A. fascinated

                        B. fascinating




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