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Adverbs of Frequency Quiz

Put the adverb of frequency in the correct place in each sentence.


1.  Ms. Dion had won an award.  (once)   

2.  We canít.  (frequently)  

3.  Penguins fly south for the winter.  (never) 

4.  First-class plane tickets are expensive.  (usually) 

5.  Dracula is asleep in the daytime.  (always) 

6.  They were.  (seldom)  

7.  Sheila would go to a wrestling match.  (never) 

8.  Teakwood is made into beautiful items for the home.  (sometimes)              

9.  Kenneth is very well-informed.  (often)  

10.  She sees movies on TV.  (rarely)  

11.  Do you eat spinach?  (ever) 

12.  Their last meal of the day is at 4 p.m.  (generally) 



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